BOSS effects pedals are widely respected and regarded as some of the world's greatest effects pedals ever made. Indestructible build quality aside, their tonal options cater to all manner of musicians.

From the likes of single stompboxes like the classic BOSS SD-1 and DD-3 digital delay to the incredible 200-Series multi-effects units - guitarists and bass players have every sound they need.


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Boss Pedals are an industry standard for guitarists serious about their sound. Whether you're after a guitar pedal to add overdrive, reverb, delays or distortion - Boss Pedals will have you covered.

Developing their modern MDP technology, specialist pickups, famous red loopers and huge multi-effects setups, Boss remains one of the most reliable choices for performing musicians and studio experimentation. Speak to any seasoned guitarist who's played on the big stage, and you can almost guarantee they've used a Boss Pedal in their rig.


Boss have been making effects pedals for quite some time. Over 3 decades ago, Boss designed some of the first distortions and delays that let guitarists expand their sonic palette way beyond mundane amp spring reverbs.


The Compact series of Boss Pedals have been established as the 'go-to' stompbox for any level of guitar or bass player.

Classic Boss Pedals like the DS-1 DistortionSD-1 Super Overdrive and DD-7 Delay Pedal are widely used around the world. Boss Compact pedals come with a real sense of indestructibility - not surprisingly since they are built to be pressed with your foot night after night!

As well as helping to usher in the 'golden age' of fuzz, distortion and overdrive in Rock and Roll music, Boss has also complemented the series with a handy range of compact utility pedals. For example, the iconic Guitar Tuner Pedal - the TU-3. Don't forget the classic CS-3 Compression pedal and GE-7 Equalizer, each helping you perfect your tone in a handy foot pedal format.

Furthermore, Boss also produces a wide range of versatile Footswitch and Volume Pedals, comprising of the FS and FV Series. These are perfect for triggering amp settings or offering more control over your tone. All hands-free, of course!


The Boss Loop Station pedals have cemented themselves as an 'industry standard' loop pedal series. Famously used by the likes of Ed Sheeran during his early years, the RC3RC-30 and RC300 are a popular choice for almost any level of guitarist. Boss Loop Stations are particularly popular with solo performers and songwriters that want to lay down multiple layers and instruments without a backup band.

In a versatile desktop or floor pedal setup, the Boss RC-505 has been embraced by street performers and beatboxers around the world for its intuitive interface and ease of use. It's never been easier (or more fun!) to create layered loops and crazy sequences from multiple sound sources.


In the modern age of convenient all-in-one effects processors, more and more Guitar Effects companies are joining Boss in the digital domain. However, none come with quite the same legacy and prestige as Boss. The GT-1 and GT-1000 each combine decades of classic stompbox pedal design with the latest and greatest digital processing technology.

Check out our First Impressions video with Dagan at PMTVUK for an in-depth look at the Boss GT-1000!


Since their launch in 2015, the Boss Katana range of amps has been a huge success at PMT Stores around the UK. By far one of our best sellers - for good reason!

Consisting of 50w100wArtist and 2x12 Versions, the Katana Series offers the classic sound of a Boss Stompbox in a compact amp. Designed to capture the sound of traditional Boss Effects in-the-box, the Katana amps offer a simplified solution for home practice without needing to hook up an entire pedalboard.

The Boss Katana 100W amps also feature a handy 1w power output mode, so you can squeeze gorgeous tube-like tone with an authentic vintage vibe.

Furthermore, Boss also sell a Mini Katana Amp perfect for travelling with or when home studio space is tight.


More recently, Boss has introduced some convenient, high-performance Wireless Guitar Solutions in the form of the WL Series. Via a simple plug-in jack transmitter on your guitar, you can wirelessly beam your guitar's true tone to your amp without messy cable runs. For frequent stage performers that care about tonal integrity, Boss Wireless systems are a breath of fresh air.

Moreover, the Boss Katana-Air is a wireless, go-anywhere guitar practice amp capable of gorgeous tone modelling and built-in effects. A must-have for any studio hoppers or street performers!


We also stock a wide range of Boss Accessories like Cables, Power Supplies and Pedal Cases. Get the most out of your new Boss Pedals with some reliable accessories to hook it all up!

The Boss 9V Pedal Power Supply is a must-have for anyone who owns a Boss Guitar Pedal.

The Boss BCB30 and BCB60 Pedal Boards are some of the most trusted, road-ready pedalboard cases available today. With enough space to house several of your stompbox effects, these pedalboards are perfect for touring musicians or studio setups that require frequent relocation.


As an authorised Boss dealer - you're sure you get a helpful buying experience here at PMT. Call into your nearest store and speak to one of our friendly experts to find the perfect pedal for you. You can also get a 5 year warranty on Boss FX pedals and a lifetime warranty on cables. 

Alternatively, more information is available on all of the pedals we stock in more depth below.