Gretsch have a superb track record when it comes to producing quality drums and guitars, creating innovations and production processes that have shaped the music industry. Established in 1882, Friedrich Gretsch set up his small music shop in Brooklyn, New York at the age of 27 making banjos, drums and tambourines. Since then Gretsch have continued to develop a brand that utilises its past successes to build progressive product ranges for the future.


The Gretsch sound has found it's place in the great pantheon of guitar tone. For many it's the definitive hollow body sound, used by everyone from Chet Atkins to Richard Hawley. The foundations of that famous twang are found looking at their history. Started by Friedrich Gretsch and aimed at jazz guitarists, exceptional acoustic performance has always been the focus for Gretsch. Their specially designed pickups then amplify the natural tone, adding a rich warmth.

More recently Gretsch has gone back to it's roots, recreating many of their original acoustic instruments with accurate period details in the finish and feel. From banjos to mandolins and ukes their folk, bluegrass and Roots ranges offer a unique take on the vintage Gretsch sound.


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