Gretsch Guitars

The Gretsch sound has found its place in the great pantheon of guitar tone. For many, it's the definitive hollow body sound, used by everyone from Chet Atkins to Richard Hawley.

The foundations of that famous twang are found by looking at their history. Started by Friedrich Gretsch and aimed at jazz guitarists, exceptional acoustic performance has always been the focus for Gretsch.

Their specially designed pickups then amplify the natural tone, adding a rich warmth.

More recently Gretsch has gone back to its roots, recreating many of their original acoustic instruments with accurate period details in the finish and feel.

From banjos to mandolins and ukes their Folk, Bluegrass and Roots ranges offer a unique take on the vintage Gretsch sound.


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  • Are Gretsch guitars any good?

    Gretsch guitars are used by professional players the world over due to their exceptionally high-quality design, construction, and sound.
  • Who plays Gretsch guitars?

    Gretsch guitars are used by famous players such as Billy Gibbons, Stevie Young, Kele Okereke, and Mark Arm.
  • Where are Gretsch guitars made?

    Top-end Gretsch guitars are built in the United States and Japan. Budget models tend to be produced in China, Indonesia, and Korea.
  • What types of music are Gretsch guitars best suited to?

    Gretsch guitars are suited to a wide range of different genres and styles, but they're particularly popular with country, blues, and rock'n'roll musicians.
  • How much do Gretsch guitars cost?

    Junior Gretsch models start at around £350, but high-end professional models can cost in the region of £3.5k and upwards.