Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting is a great way of giving your band a professional finishing touch. It is one of the most important "non-musical" aspects of a gig - because it goes a long way in providing that essential, but elusive, element: the atmosphere.

PMT Online has a great selection of affordable stage lighting rigs that any band can afford to incorporate into their set, and they're also a good solution for venues who want to offer something more to their customers and performers.

Par cans and other par-style effects are often used for spotlights on specific areas of the stage and at the same time can provide a wash of colour for general event and stage lighting.

Moonflower and disco lighting uses motorised mirrors, led and halogen lights and to provide a sound-to-light effect to work in time with the music. A lot of modern lighting effects now utilise LED technology opposed to traditional bulbs as the technology is more energy efficient and can last for 100,000s of hours. DMX or DMX512 is a universal lighting programme to interface lights, controllers and software enabling the user to blackout, control RGB balance and more.

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