Bass Amp Head

Bass Amp Heads house the main components of the bass amp, and is an alternative to purchasing a combo.

The bass is plugged into the bass amp head and we have a great range at PMT Online and in our UK Stores for demo. We supply Bass Amp Heads from Ashdown, Ampeg, Orange, Peavey and many more.


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  • What is a bass head used for?

    The head is the part of the amp which you plug your bass guitar into. The speaker cab (or cabinet) is the box enclosure housing the speaker(s). The output of the bass amp head is sent to the speaker cabinet. The head and cabinet can be bought separately.
  • What is a combo bass amp?

    For rehearsals, studio recording sessions, or small club performances, electric and upright bass players typically use a combo amplifier, which combines a preamplifier, tone controls, a power amplifier and a speakers in a single cabinet.