Woodwind Instruments

The woodwind family of instruments has played a vital part in western music as early as the 1600s; the recorder was a key solo instrument in Baroque compositions by Corelli and Vivaldi.

Equally as important and if not even more so, the clarinet has been an imperative member of the classical orchestra and has been at the birth of traditional jazz in the 1920s, later featuring regularly in the compositions of big band legend, Duke Ellington.


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The saxophone is one of the most infamous and loudest woodwind instruments. Although originally manufactured as an orchestral instrument, the saxophone is regarded highly in Jazz as the go-to soloist tool.

The saxophone was launched into a long career in pop music after Gerry Rafferty's hit 'Baker Street' was released in 1986 and the infectious solo earned the single a top 5 hit in both the UK and US.

From the mellow tone of the clarinet to the virtuoso prowess of the saxophone, the woodwind family has a permanent home at PMT.