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Studio Equipment and Recording Gear is at the heart of what being a musician and producer is all about: making music! Here at PMT we are as passionate as you are, and it's no wonder this is one of our specialities. At PMT Online you'll find all you need, whether you are setting up your first project studio, expanding your current home recording setup, or even if you own a professional recording studio.


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If you're new to all this, the simplest way to get started is to use your PC, Mac or laptop, or even mobile device, to record your songs. All you'll need will be a good MicrophoneAudio Interface and Headphones, for the most basic setup. Some Microphone Packs are a great value-for-money choice for some mic essentials in one single package.


Your choice of the right microphone(s) will be one of the most important things you'll ever do when setting up your recording studio. And we use the plural because, indeed, even if you're recording at home, it's always better to have more than just one mic: it'll allow you to experiment more, and use different mics in different situations. So choose at least one Dynamic Microphone (used live for vocals but great for recording instruments) and one Condenser Mic (usually the first choice when recording vocals and acoustic guitar). Another great option is getting a Ribbon Microphone - first designed in the 1920s and still used for vocal recordings with a bit more definition and character than condenser mics.

If you're just doing computer recording at home, an USB Microphone could be a good choice.


An audio interface is an essential tool for any DAW-based setup. It translates the signal from your mic to your computer. There are four main types of interfaces, which you can choose according to how you'll connect to your computer: USB, FirewireThunderbolt and PCI.


A good choice of Studio Headphones is important, to monitor your sound and know exactly how everything is sounding! Some of the best brands include BeyerdynamicSennheiserAKG and Audio-Technica.


After you've sorted all your recording studio essentials, then you can worry about other very important things that'll help you to create a great recording environment: having great Studio Monitors will help you to make better mixes than if you just use headphones, for instance. A Mixing Desk will allow you to plug multiple instruments, EQ the audio and generally have better control of the sound going through to your interface.

Literally every professional recording studio will have great Acoustic Treatment. After all, sounds travels in the air, bounce off the walls, reverberates. Therefore having great acoustics is essential for any studio, including at home. If you're not sure about what to get, our experts will be more than glad to help you. We offer a wide range of Acoustic Panels, Bass Traps, Amp Enclosures and much more!


Most of recording producers today will be computer-based, so PMT offers a fantastic choice of Music Software for you, including DAW for audio recording, Effects Plugins, Sample Libraries, Virtual Instruments and more!


Whatever your needs, PMT Online offers a wide range of everything else your studio needs: including cables, accessories and effects & outboard, as well as Digital Recorders for those who want a simple & convenient way to record.


  • What is in a Recording Studio?

    Most typical recording studios consist of two rooms, the first being called the studior or live room, where instruments and vocals are recorded. The other being the control room where the engineer/producer control various piece of audio mixing gear/fx.
  • Can I record a song in a studio?

    Yes! You can also record sound design, foley and dialogue in a studio.
  • What equipment can you find in a recording studio?

    You can find a vast selection of gear in a recording studio, from rack gear like compressors and preamps, to monitors, and mixing desks.