Arrangers & Workstations

Arranger Keyboards and Workstations are not just ordinary synths - they are designed as music-making tools, with useful features for solo performers, music scoring, song arrangements etc.

The Yamaha Arranger Workstations are very popular, but other top brands such as Roland and Korg are also worth a look. Here at PMT Online we stock a great selection of these instruments, in stock and ready to ship.


What's the difference between arranger keyboards and workstations? There's a bit of overlap between both kinds, but here are a few pointers:

Arrangers are ideal for solo performers and singer-songwriters. They have sequencer features that allow for immediate song production, and hundreds of musical styles covering a wide range of genres. Their displays allow you to see lyrics and musical score, and many models give you quick access to transposition and octave shift, and even allow you to create vocal harmonies based on your vocal input.

Workstations are more versatile for sound design, studio production, and even performance as part of a band. They have a massive variety of sounds and allow deeper tweaks to your sound (modulations, filter, effects) thus being perfect for sound design, film & TV scoring, and layering different textures together. Their flexible architecture makes it easy to combine sounds. Many models also allow audio recording and FX processing.


Arrangers and workstations are in some way similar to traditional home keyboards - except for being bigger, and much more complex and sophisticated instruments! Nothing stops someone from buying one of them to use as a home piano, stage piano or synthesizer, but you'd be buying something with more features than you'd probably ever need! That's why there is this distinction between all the different types of keyboard - before choosing, always think about how you'll be using your keyboard!

If in doubt, speak to one of our keyboard experts at any PMT Store, or contact us online - we're here to help!


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