Pedal Boards

Pedalboards are the most cost-effective and safest way to organise, store and tidy your array of guitar and bass effects pedals!

Thankfully, your trusted PMT Music store has got you covered thanks to brands like Pedaltrain, BossBlack Rat and T-Rex, so no longer do you have to worry about tripping over your complex signal chain on stage, or booting your lonely distortion pedal during an epic 5 minute solo.

We also sell a wide range of Patch Cables to help interconnect your effects and keep your cable runs nice and tidy.


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  • How should I organise a pedalboard?

    Most people place pedals as follows - EQ, distortion, modulation, then ambience. However, there are no rules to this and you should do what sounds best to your ear - have fun experimenting!
  • What size pedalboard do I need?

    You should opt for a pedalboard slightly bigger than your current set-up - that way if you decide to add a new unit or two in the future you won't need a new pedalboard in order to fit it on.
  • How do you power a pedalboard?

    Pedalboard power supplies are available from brands such as Strymon, Voodoo Lab, and T Rex. They run off mains electricity and allow you to power each individual pedal on your board safely.
  • How do pedalboard switchers work?

    Pedalboard switchers work by organising your rig into separate 'loops' that can be activated or bypassed by clicking one single switch. Some also use MIDI in order to alter pedal parameters.