Firewire is commonly found on most modern PCs and Apple computers and offers users a different method of connecting peripherals and interfaces found here with super-quick transfer rates and ultra-reliable data transfer.

Firewire Interfaces - Essential for quick data transfer

Firewire generally allows you to utilise more inputs and outputs, as well as increase performance and stability. Typically, most larger audio interfaces that offer 6 or more inputs or outputs will feature Firewire, such as the Focusrite Saffire range, which allows you to capture multiple microphone sources (for example, recording a drum kit or full band performance) at once.

Firewire - Excellent Compatability

Firewire also allows you to daisy chain interfaces together from the same series, so you could utilise two Focusrite Saffire Pro 40s, or two Presonus FireStudio Projects, at the same time to double the number of inputs and outputs available at your disposal.

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