Orange Guitar Amps

Orange amplifiers, a pinnacle of sonic brilliance, deliver unparalleled tone and power. With a legacy dating back to the '60s, Orange amps are celebrated for their distinctive sound and iconic design. Crafted to perfection, they combine vintage warmth with modern versatility, making them a favorite among musicians across genres.

Renowned for their durability and rich harmonics, Orange amplifiers stand the test of time on stages and in studios worldwide. Elevate your sound with an Orange amplifier – a symbol of innovation and sonic excellence that continues to define the essence of rock and beyond.


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  • What is so special about Orange amps?

    Orange amplifiers are considered by many players to be the best amplifiers out there, simply because they aren't packed with unnecessary features. No frills, no fuss, and yet you can dial in almost any tone you could wish for!
  • Do Orange make High Gain amplifiers?

    They do, in the shape of the Dark Terror, which offers plenty of gain and response, making it ideal for most styles of metal.
  • Where are Orange amps made?

    Whilst some of the TH amplifiers are made overseas, the majority of Orange's amplifiers and cabinets are made right here in the UK!