The Art of synthesis

From theremins to modular synths, Moog synths played a major part in the creation of electronic music. Inspiring the likes of Herb Deutsch, Wendy Carlos, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder and pretty much every major dance act of the '80s, 90's and 2000s.

Moog's patented filter gave the Minimoog a voice and filter design that helps make the Minitaur, Sub Phatty and Voyager synths unique. If you want the sound of a Moog then there's only one way to go!

The Pinnacle of Moog's Semi-Modular Family of Analog Synthesizers


The vintage styled Matriarch offers a next-generation sound that empowers the sonic exploration of space and time.

Lose yourself in the Moog Matriarchs infinate capabilities and sound delivery. Let your creative juices flow and release the power of this fantastic piece historic visioned tech


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  • Why are Moog synths so expensive?

    Moog synths are built to the highest quality and with the finest components, and this is reflected in the price. Moog have constantly innovated in synthesizer technology and they are well worth the investment.
  • Which Moog synth?

    Pick a Moog synth based on the types of sounds that you want to make and the artists that you like. This will ensure that the synth keeps you sufficiently inspired to make music and sounds. You should also consider whether you need a keyboard or a module.
  • Where are Moog synths made?

    Each Moog synth is made by hand in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.