Guitar Combo

Who needs a double stack when you've found the perfect Guitar Combo Amp? Whether you need a solid state practice combo for nailing your shred technique at home, or a valve amplifier capable of tackling the biggest stages - our stunning selection at PMT has you covered.


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Fender Blackstar Orange Marshall BOSS

Lightweight and Portable

Hauling an amp head and speaker cabinet (or two!) around between gigs is no easy task, and that's why countless musicians now rely on the exceptional tones offered by combo amplifiers. Housing everything you need to rock in one convenient unit, combo amps are the choice of the working musician due to their flexible sound and versatility. With models from Fender, Vox, Marshall and more, find the best combo amps at PMT.

Effects and More!

If you just need an amplifier suitable for practicing guitar at home, a combo solution might be your best bet. Many amps offer built-in effects, tuning, modelling, and other tech to ensure that you have everything you need in the most compact and refined package. Look out for amps that have power control too, for ultimate cranked-up tones at home-friendly volumes. Read our guide on the Best Practice Amps to find out more!