Valve Combo Amps

At PMT Online we stock a wide variety of vintage valve combo amps from a wide range of manufacturers, including some of the world's leading brands such as Fender, VOX and Marshall. Valve amps, sometimes referred to as tube amps (mainly in America), are known for their classic rich tones that a lot of musicians simply cannot go without.


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VOX Tube Combo Amps

Vox are perfect if you want to encapsulate those incredible, raw british amp tones. They are famous worldwide and have been used by some of the worlds most well-known musicians like Brian May from Queen and The Beatles.

Fender Tube Combo Amps

Leo Fender sprinkled his magic across the musical equipment world, tube amps were no different. Coming from one of the most famous and celebrated gear manufacturers of our time, our range of Fender tube combo amps are some of the best around.

Marshall Tube Combo Amps

Known for their reliability and classic tones, Marshall amplifiers are incredibly versatile and provide aggressive and unique tones you won’t find anywhere else. Their combo tube amps are both iconic and convenient. Definitely worth checking out.