Solid Body

The most classic of electric guitar types, Solid Body guitars are robust and suitable across a wide range of genres. With iconic styles from heavyweight brands such as Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, Gretsch, and Ibanez, find your perfect Solid Body electric guitar at PMT.


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Popular Brands

Fender Gibson Ibanez Antiquity Squier Schecter

Legendary Design

Some of the most revered and popular electric guitar styles of all time utilise a Solid Body construction, including the Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster models as well as revolutionary shapes like the Les Paul by Gibson. The range of Solid Body electric guitars at PMT caters to everyone who wants to experience these fabled silhouettes, so whether you are a beginner after your first Epiphone Les Paul Special or a seasoned professional looking to upgrade your rig, we have you covered.

Stunning Range

Electric Solid Body guitars are renowned for their versatility and playability across a multitude of genres. Invented by Leo Fender in the late 1940’s, decades of innovation have made certain that the electric Solid Body is still the choice of the masses. With various pickup systems, volume and tone configurations, tremolo bridges and more, your dream axe is waiting for you at PMT.


  • When was the solid body electric guitar invented?

    Some say solid body guitars were made as early as 1932.The first solid body electric guitar as we know it was made by Les Paul in 1943. The first commercially-produced solid body guitars were the Fender Esquire and Broadcaster models - released in 1948.
  • Who designed the solid-body electric guitar?

    One of the first solid body guitar designs was made by Les Paul. Previously to this, however, the Ro-Pat-In Electro A-25 Frying Pan guitar was made - a fully solid body guitar that was played as a lap steel.