Keyboard Amplifiers

Keyboard Amps are amplifiers designed for usage with, you guessed it, keyboards. Just like the electric guitar and bass, in certain situations a keyboard requires dedicated amplification, and simply using a guitar or bass amp is not the best option. At PMT Online you'll find a selection of the best keyboard amps suitable for this purpose.


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Why Use A Keyboard Amp?

Most stage pianos, unlike home pianos, don't have built-in speakers, and will require either a dedicated amp or to be plugged directly to the PA. Keyboard amplifiers are designed to handle the wide range of frequencies that a keyboard produces, so think of it as a mini PA system that has the capability to cope with a full range of your keyboard frequencies. Most keyboard amps are multi-channel and some have a microphone input too, making a great solution for solo performers, effectively becoming a portable PA system.

Even if at bigger gigs your keyboard has to be DI'd, you may still find it useful to have a keyboard amp as well, to have better control of your own sound onstage, just like most guitarists and bassists do. The Roland KC series is one of the best and most popular choices right now.


  • What does a Keyboard Amplifier do?

    Keyboard amplifiers are used to amplify the sound of your keyboard, producing a sharp and crisp clarity with as minimal noise as possible.
  • How do you connect your Keyboard to an amplifier?

    Simply connect your keyboard directly to your amp via the headphone/line output.