Ibanez Bass Guitars

From the 1980s through to the modern day, Ibanez have produced more than 160 different bass guitar designs, many of which featured cutting edge developments which are still in use to some degree on their most-modern models.

From the fast-playing SR-style bass, to the rock-solid Talman, through to the innovative Bass Workshop and EHB Workshop designs, there's an Ibanez bass model to suit every player, and every style of music.



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The Ibanez SR Gio bass guitars, otherwise known as the GSRs provide that classic Ibanez sleekness, exceptional playability and thunderous, articulate tone at a lower price point.

These bass guitars are the most budget-friendly options in the Ibanez catalogue.

But don’t be fooled by their smaller price tag as these guitars feature high-quality pickups, hardware, electronics with tonal capabilities and are set up the same as the more expensive models in the range.

For those just starting out on their bass playing journey or those who need a hard-working 2nd bass – this is perfect.


The Ibanez standard series has been around for over 30 years, providing bass players with the reliability, sonic textures and playability they need to create beautiful music.

You have a range of pickup options to choose from including passive and active, exotic tonewoods and 4/5 string setups.

If you’re a gigging musician or recording enthusiast, this is your go-to bass.

Again, you have the smooth, fast neck that bass players have come to rely on, the lightweight, comfortably shaped body and the tonal options you need thanks to high-quality electronics.


The Ibanez Premium range is where things start to get really interesting.

The discerning bass players will appreciate exotic tonewoods, a range of controls allowing you to sculpt the sound you need as well as upgraded pickups and hardware.

The already reliable necks are supported by Titanium rods for added resonance and stability whilst premium fret edge treatment ensure a smooth, comfortable playing experience.

Custom, active and passive electronics and upgraded hardware will also appeal to the professional musician as they provide total precision control.


The Ibanez SR Prestige range upholds three major principles; Precision, Performance and Playability.

These bass guitars offer an increased frequency response and offer players something a little different thanks to Atlas 5pc Wenge/Walnut necks utilising a slim grip shape.

Custom electronics including a 3-band EQ w/EQ bypass switch & Mid frequency switch have also been included to allow for tonal shaping.

A Mono-Rail bridge has also been equipped to some models, increasing resonance and tuning stability and offering the optimal spacing between strings.

You can even adjust the spaces +/-1.5mm depending on your preference!


The Ibanez Bass Workshop series offers something new and unique that players will appreciate. Although the basis of each Ibanez bass series is maintained, the Bass Workshop is a chance for the technicians and luthiers at Ibanez to create truly unique instruments.

Whether they be hollow-body models, utilise different tonewoods, or are designed with multiscale capabilities – you’ll find something different here.

These may not be for everyone, but they will certainly appeal to the discerning bass players who demand something different from their bass.

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  • How good are Ibanez bass guitars?

    Ibanez bass guitars are designed and built to a high standard that is focused on playability and versatility. They are used by professionals around the world.
  • Where are Ibanez bass guitars made?

    Ibanez bass guitars are built in different parts of the world depending what series they are from. Some countries that have produced them are the USA, China, Indonesia, and Japan.
  • Who plays Ibanez basses?

    Some Ibanez bass users include Thundercat, Adam Nitti, Gary Willis, and Fieldy.