Semi Acoustic

A mainstay across the world of music, semi-acoustic and hollow-body guitars retain the warm and clean tones of an acoustic guitar and pair them up with the playability and versatility that the electric guitar offers.

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Semi-acoustic or Hollowbody?

Whilst semi-acoustic guitars retain a centre block in their construction, hollowbody guitars are more similar to acoustic guitars in terms of their construction. Both styles of guitar are capable of achieving the coveted sounds for which the famous f-holes are renowned, however semi-acoustic guitars will tend to handle high-gain settings better, so choose wisely.

Bridges, Vibrato, and Tailpieces

There are various different types of semi-acoustic and hollowbody guitar, all with their own different bridges, vibrato systems, and tailpieces. The trapeze tailpiece is famous for its beautiful look and unique shape, whilst some guitars are fitted with Bigsby systems that give a smooth vibrato and a solid bridge construction.

The Choice of Legends

Some of the most iconic guitar players in history have opted to use semi-acoustic and hollowbody styles as their main axe - from John Lennon’s Epiphone Casino to modern guitar hero John Mayer’s Gibson ES-335. Some bands such as The Jesus and Mary Chain have even favoured the hollow and semi-hollow guitars tendency to produce feedback to create interesting textures and distortion in their music - try it out!

Semi-Acoustic Guitar FAQs

  • What is a semi-acoustic guitar?

    A semi-acoustic guitar is an instrument that appears like a hollow-body electric guitar but has a centreblock inside of its construction. This is used to control the level of feedback from the instrument when amplifying it.
  • What are the best semi-acoustic guitars?

    Some of the best semi-acoustic guitars are the Gibson ES-335 and the Rickenbacker 300 series. These models have been used by countless professional musicians for many years and are responsible for a whole host of recognisable tones.
  • Should I buy an acoustic or semi-acoustic guitar?

    If you want to play guitar parts through an amplifier whilst still benefitting from an acoustic element, then buy a semi-acoustic guitar. If you just want to play an acoustic guitar at a higher volume, look for electro-acoustic guitars.
  • Do I need an amp for a semi-acoustic guitar?

    Yes, semi-acoustic guitars are designed to be played through an amplifier. They will produce more volume unplugged than a solidbody electric guitar, however it will still not project like a regular acoustic guitar might.
  • What is the difference between semi acoustic and acoustic guitars?

    Semi-acoustic guitars are more akin to electric guitars, and are designed to be played through an amplifier whilst retaining an acoustic element. Acoustic guitars are designed to be played unplugged.