Guitar Amps for Beginners

Here you'll find a great selection of Guitar Amps for Beginners - so whether you're just starting out on an Electric or Electro-Acoustic guitar, we've got the right amp to get you going. With top brands like Fender, Blackstar, Orange, Marshall and Roland, at PMT you'll find the best combos, amp heads, and cabinets to suit any style.

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The Best Beginner Guitar Amps

The best guitar amps for beginners will keep everything nice and simple whilst still offering some extra features to help get you started. Look for amps that have some sort of digital modelling or effects section if you want to get to grips with a variety of sounds, but remember that a solid clean tone is really important for learning chords and practicing scales.

Beginner Guitar Amp Settings

When searching for your first guitar amp there are some important factors to consider. If the type of music you want to play requires distortion, then search for amps with more than one channel or with built-in effects. The second channel might be called Boost, Drive, or Crunch, and will allow you to switch between clean and dirty tones. This is ideal for practicing songs that require a variety of sounds, and you're more likely to keep practicing if your amp can make some cool tones that sound like your favourite guitarists rig.