Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Treatment of different environments can have a large impact on getting a flat, accurate sound in your studio. It's not just about Audio Insulation and Soundproofing, but about getting the most out of the room where you record and/or listen to audio. Picture the scene - you got all the best recording gear, microphones, synths, guitars... and still, things don't sound quite right. Or if you got a great Home Cinema setup but somehow the sound still doesn't cut it. That's why the acoustics of your listening and recording environment is so important. As the official distributor of Auralex products, PMT stocks a wide range of acoustic treatment solutions for all room types, from Acoustic Panels (or "tiles") and Bass Traps to Amp Enclosures and even Vocal Booths!


Some studios can have dead-spots, or conversely hot-spots for certain frequencies and to counteract this, sound diffraction solutions can be used. We also stock acoustic treatment kits which can transform your whole room or studio straight out of the box. Accessories including suitable adhesives and portable panels are also available. Our acoustic treatment section has everything you need to make your room pitch-perfect, featuring products that use acoustic foam & other materials!


Coming in different sizes and colours, they can fit well with the decor of any type of room, from a project studio to home cinema, and look very stylish while still doing their job - helping your room to also sound great: rooms with exposed hard, gloss finished surfaces often suffer from excess echo, and acoustic panels engineered for acoustic absorption are a common way of counteracting the issue.


Work in a way similar to acoustic tiles but designed to absorb the low frequencies. Ideally, you'll want a combination of matching acoustic panels and bass & corner traps, to get the sound just right in your room. Bass traps are tailored for lower frequencies which can phase and build up when low-frequency waves are playing. These issues usually stem from room corners and so these traps are manufactured as right-angled foam sections.


Acoustic Diffusers can be used to eliminate problems such as echoes, and are often used in conjunction with acoustic absorption panels. Both work together to optimize the acoustics of your room.


PMT offers a great selection of Vocal Booths, in many different shapes and sizes, which can be used as part of a recording studio, or even small enough for voiceover artists who work on their own. They're also very easily and quickly set up.


Amp Enclosures are devices that will allow you to record your amp at louder volumes without disturbing neighbours or affecting the audio recorded by other microphones in the same room if you're doing a "live" recording with other instruments, singer etc.

If you're not sure of what you need, why don't you give us a call on 0151 448 2089, or visit one of our PMT Stores? Our acoustic treatment experts will be able to help you and assist you to choose the right solution for your needs!


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  • Does acoustic treatment make a difference?

    Acoustic treatment is the best way to shape the way sound is heard. It can be used to neutralise reverberations and also to prevent the sound from being heard outside of the room.
  • Where should I place acoustic treatment?

    Acoustic treatment should be placed at the first reflection points within a given room. This is the first place that sound will hit prior to reaching a listeners ear.
  • How do you acoustically treat a home studio?

    When treating a home studio you should focus on the first reflection points within the room. These are the places that a sound will first hit prior to reaching your ear.
  • How much does acoustic treatment cost?

    Acoustic treatment comes in many different forms. Some easy acoustic treatment, such as adding absorption feet to a mic stand, can cost under £10. For a full acoustic treatment including panelling and separation of the room you could spend over £1000.