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Welcome to PMT Online's Beginner Orchestral Instrument section - your premier destination for embarking on a melodic journey with beginner-friendly string, brass, and wind instruments.

At PMT, we are dedicated to making music accessible to everyone, and our handpicked selection features renowned brands such as Forte and Stentor, ensuring top-notch quality for your musical endeavors.


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  • Forte
  • Harlequin
  • Jupiter
  • Konig and Meyer
  • J. Michael
  • Stentor
  • Vandoren


Explore the world of strings with our beginner-friendly violins, including offerings from trusted brands like Forte and Stentor. Meticulously crafted, these violins provide a warm and rich tone, making them ideal companions for both classical enthusiasts and those venturing into modern genres.


Step into the limelight with our range of trumpets, featuring models from reputable brands such as Forte. Designed with beginners in mind, these trumpets deliver vibrant tones that resonate with every note, allowing you to soar to new musical heights with confidence.


Delve into the soulful tones of the clarinet with our beginner-friendly selection, which includes options from trusted brands like Stentor. Crafted for comfort and ease of play, these clarinets are perfect for those starting their musical adventure. Uncover the instrument's versatility and effortlessly create beautiful melodies.


Immerse yourself in the smooth and soulful sounds of the saxophone, featuring beginner-friendly models from renowned brands like Forte. Whether your musical preference leans towards jazz, blues, or pop, our saxophones cater to all tastes. Dive into the expressive world of this iconic instrument and let your creativity flow.


Elevate your musical experience with carefully selected accessories, including options from respected brands like Stentor. From rosin and bow cases for violins to mouthpieces and cleaning kits for brass and woodwind instruments, PMT Online ensures you have everything you need to keep your instruments in top-notch condition.

At PMT, we're passionate about helping you play music today with instruments that bear the stamp of quality from brands like Forte and Stentor. Browse our collection, and let the rhythm of your journey begin. Whether you're a budding musician or a seasoned player, PMT Online is your partner in musical excellence.