Bass Compressor Pedals

One of the most essential components in any great bass tone is compression. These Bass Compression Pedals are designed specifically for working with the frequencies that really matter to bass players, ensuring a smooth, even tone that is guaranteed to turn heads. Shop our wonderful selection with pedals from BOSS, MXR, Ashdown and more.


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What Does a Bass Compressor Do?

A compressor essentially works by making quiet sounds louder and making loud sounds quieter. This added balance in your instruments dynamic range ensures that your bass is situated perfectly within a mix when playing live, even when playing in a variety of different styles.

Slapping and Popping

Bass Compressor Pedals are particularly useful for those players who are prone to a little bit of slapping and popping during their set. By tweaking the pedal correctly you can really make the right notes leap out and accentuate the effect, allowing you to sound extra-tight when you set down the groove!