Electronic Drum Kits

Electronic Drum Kits are one of the most significant developments in music technology, and incredibly popular today, thanks to their versatility and convenience. The PMT Drum Shop offers entry-level beginner electric drum kits right through to stage-ready professional models.

We sell some of the world's most popular electric drum kit brands including Roland, Yamaha, Tourtech and Alesis. All in-stock Drum Kits and Accessories worth £99 or more are eligible for FREE Next Day Delivery, and for Reserve & Collect from any of our shops.


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Electronic Drums come in a range of sizes and styles. But most kits have the same elements as an acoustic kit, with a snare, toms, bass pad, and cymbals. Electronic drums have advanced greatly over the last two decades and today feel very much like their acoustic counterparts, and offer many more sounds!

The biggest advantage of the electric drum kit is the ability to play directly to headphones in environments where sound levels need to be kept to a minimum, and their easy transportation and set-up. The electronic drum kit has become a regular feature with session musicians due to the wide range of sounds on offer and its convenience in studio situations. They are the best choice of drum kit to play at home, but increasingly more and more pros are also using them live at gigs.

Whatever your skill level, there's an electronic drum kit that'll fit your needs and budget.


An electric drum kit works by connecting the tom pads to a synthesizer unit known as the 'drum brain'. The brain generates the sound once the triggers in the TOM pads have been hit. The standard of the drum brain will determine the sound quality and overall ability to fine-tune and process the sound, the better the brain the better the emulation of a real acoustic kit will be. Ranges such as the V-Drums and DTX get the closest to the real thing.


If you're still not convinced an electronic drum kit is the right choice for you, there's only one thing you can do: try one in-store! At our PMT House of Drums shops, spread around the UK, you can try several different electronic drum kits, all set and ready to go, and talk to our product experts who'll be there to help you with any questions, so you can choose a kit that's right for you!


Here at Professional Music Technology, we have a huge selection of Roland drum kits, ideal for beginner drummers all the way to touring professionals and everyone in between! Our in-house Roland experts can help you find the perfect electronic Roland drum kit to suit your needs, whether you need a smaller-sized practice kit, an intermediate-sized electronic drum kit for rehearsal and home recording, or a full tour spec Roland drum kit such as the Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit – we have it all and can help get you the perfect kit every time.

Our PMT House Of Drums departments within our stores are equipped with the latest Roland drum kits and our team of drum experts is on hand to help you find the perfect kit for your sound and bespoke requirements. So, speak to us today about the best electronic drum kits available and try out the latest kits – you won’t be disappointed!


  • Do I need an amp with an electronic drumkit?

    Electronic drum kits can be used with monitors or headphones. You can buy monitors and amps made specifically for electronic drum kits at PMT - head over to our drums and percussion section for more information!
  • Is an electric drum kit good for beginners?

    Electronic drum kits are a great option for beginners. They often allow you to practice more frequently due to the reduced volume, and many have a realistic feel that allow you to train as if you were on an acoustic kit.
  • Do electronic drum kits sound authentic?

    Many electronic drum kits use real samples from acoustic kits and therefore sound completely authentic. The technology is always improving and many kits even replicate the feel of an acoustic drum kit.
  • How do I connect and record an electric drum kit to my computer?

    If your electronic drum kit can be connected to a computer or interface, open up your DAW and search for the kit in the input list. From here you should be able to select it for recording and monitoring via your computer.