Guitar Speaker Cab

Choosing the right guitar speaker cabinet is a critical decision and one that will go a long way to shaping a guitar's tone. Certain guitar speaker cabs will suit and match different head amps, both in terms of power handling and sound reproduction so if you’re unsure it’s important you get expert advice from the guitar gurus at PMT.

The classic 4X12 guitar speaker cabinet is an instantly recognizable symbol of rock and roll guitar. But beyond its appearance lies the capability to produce a vast variety of sounds. Musicians who demand large power favor the 4X12 configuration, but smaller guitar speaker cabs such as 2x12 and 1x12 offer more compact solutions to the guitarists who still wish to use a separate amp head.

To hear the iconic Marshall stack at work, check out ACDC's Angus Young performing at the Donnington monsters of rock festival through a wall of

Guitar speaker cabs or better still visit a PMT Guitar shop where you can “plug in and play” loud in one of our in-store sound proofed demo booths.

The site of a PMT showroom resembles a true rock and roll environment set to a backdrop of 4x12 guitar speaker cabs. Our vision is to bring the rock show to your shopping experience!


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