Marshall Speaker Cabinets

The perfect companion to your amp head. Our range of Marshall extension speakers perfectly complement our range of Marshall Amp Heads, to help you create the searing tones you have come to expect from Marshall. Their decades of experience and cultural significance means they are, even to this day, still the cornerstone to a lot of musicians' gear set-ups. 


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Marshall 1960a cabs

At PMT Online we are proud to stock a range of 1960a speaker cabinets. The 1960A really manages to capture the spirit of the genesis of Rock’n’Roll, the 60’s. It produces bags of tight lower-end frequencies, angled and straight. Brilliant highs and a rip-roaring brilliant highs. All included in this authentic vintage look.  Similarly, the 4x12” angled 1960A speaker cabinet really is “the business” as far as speaker cabinets are concerned. They are an iconic part of rock history and have stood the test of time. A true original, a much sought after piece of equipment.