Marshall Amp Heads

Fully british, fully Marshall. Our range of Marshall amp heads provide incredible sounds to your cabinets and speakers. Coming in a variety of different sizes, these amp heads are great for all you live performers out there and you can’t go wrong with the quality of Marshall. Browse our selection below.


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What is a Guitar Amp head?

While a combo amp is a speaker combined with an amplifier, all-in-one device. A Guitar amp head is just the amplifier part of that combination, requiring a speaker to go with it. This is often referred to as a ‘stack’. Which you decide to go for is completely down to personal preference. A combo amp is a lot more portable because of its all-in-one nature, however some musicians like the flexibility of the stack, a lot of amp heads contain different tubes and electrical components to make the sound you like. It is also a lot easier to carry a spare amp-head then a whole spare combo amp, should things go wrong!

What Speaker Cabinets do you recommend?

At PMT Online we stock a wide range of Marshall speaker cabinets. Take the Marshall 1960TV for example, this cabinet is loaded with Celestion Greenback speakers that provide a warmer more saturated sound. This speaker also has a wonderful vintage appeal that not only looks good, but also helps to shape the sound that helps to tame some of those unwieldy upper-mids. Another Marshall speaker we stock is the Marshall 2551BV, this silver jubilee reissue has a silver vinyl finish and roars on the stage with that classic Marshall sound.