Gretsch Drums

For over 130 years Gretsch have supplied the world with some of the best sets of drums ever made. Gretsch Drums' patented multi-ply lamination progress resulted in the worlds first warp free drum hoop back in 1918.


In 1918 Gretsch developed the revolutionary multi-ply drum lamination process, which is now the standard production method used by the majority of drum builders. Using multiple plies to build a drum shell is commonplace and that's thanks to the innovation of Gretsch drums.

Since then, they have developed a wide range of kits including the highly respected Broadkaster, Renown, and Brooklyn series. It's no wonder artists including Max Roach, Art Blakey, Phil Collins, Charlie Watts and Taylor Hawkins all opt for Gretsch drums. If you want a kit with a traditional tone and a forward-thinking aesthetic Gretsch drums have something for you.


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