Step into the world of Bose, a renowned audio pioneer with a legacy dating back to 1964.

Since its inception, the company's dedication to lifelike sound has earned global acclaim. Pioneering innovations in noise-canceling headphones and cutting-edge audio systems, Bose consistently sets industry standards, earning trust among musicians, audiophiles, and professionals.

Harness the power and precision of Bose PA Systems available at PMT, featuring renowned lineups such as Bose’s S1 Pro and S1 Pro+ Systems, Bose F1 Speakers, and the highly capable Bose L1 Pro speaker systems.


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  • Which Bose speakers are the best?

    The Bose speakers that you choose should be picked based on the room that you want to use them in and your budget. They're all made to the highest-quality and will offer a great sound, so try to find ones that fit your needs.
  • What makes Bose speakers so good?

    Bose speakers sound great because they use high-quality components and are designed by a team with decades of experience in sound.
  • Where are Bose speakers made?

    Bose's products are manufactured in the United States, China, Mexico, and Malaysia. Check the individual product specs to find out where your product was made.
  • Are Bose speakers waterproof?

    Unless explicitly stated, you should assume that your Bose speakers are not waterproof. If you plan on setting up outside, try to keep your speakers sheltered from the elements in order to avoid damaging them.