Building Better Since 1964

Founded in 1964, Bose has been a leader in consumer electronics for over fifty years.

The Bose mission is to think of better solutions, create better products and help people enjoy the things they love with everything the company does having the aim to support this mission, Bose has created some incredible products along the way.

From Bose speakers to their QuietComfort noise-cancelling headphones and even professional use live audio systems, Bose design consistently high-quality audio equipment with cutting edge, proprietary technology.


The Bose S1 Pro is entirely portable PA which will ensure that you sound great just about anywhere. An excellent all-in-one PA, floor monitor, practice amplifier and primary music system.


The Bose L1 System is the most popular portable line array PA system on the market today. Being the most advanced portable amplification system for musicians, DJs and public speakers.


The Bose F1 offers you a high-quality stage performance. With a loudspeaker design that delivers high SPL audio while maintaining vocal and midrange clarity. Dramatically better than conventional loudspeakers.