Les Paul Guitars

A truly iconic silhouette, the single-cutaway design of the Les Paul has been revered since it first appeared on the market in 1952.

This player-favorite design allows for easy access to the highest frets whilst providing high-quality pickups and (usually) a solid Tune-O-Matic bridge as standard.

Signature Models from artists like Slash and Adam Jones have ensured that this guitar design has remained at the cutting edge of music for more than seven decades.


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Legendary Design

Not many guitars have had an impact on music like the Les Paul has, with generations of musicians equally enamoured by the stunning curves as they are by the warm sound this instrument offers.

With a range of contemporary design features alongside models that hark back to the earliest days of Gibson, everybody should have a Les Paul in their collection. Try out a 50’s Gold Top Model for the classic Les Paul sound or experiment with different pickups like in this Les Paul Special  model.

All Genres

Les Paul guitars are known for their bell-like tone and near-endless sustain, and this magical quality is thanks in part to the thick mahogany body with which Les Pauls are constructed.

As genres have evolved and guitar trends have moved with them, musicians from every corner of the industry have continued to come back to both Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul models in order to achieve the unique clarity that they bring to records and live performances.

Play your Les Paul safe in the knowledge that the build quality and construction is second-to-none, no matter what genre you plan to tackle.


  • Is the Les Paul a good guitar?

    In addition to its iconic design, the Les Paul is renowned for producing what many consider the best sounding electric guitar voice.
  • Are all Les Paul guitars expensive?

    Whilst Gibson's Les Paul models are available at the upper end of the price market, there are a large number of Epiphone Les Paul models that offer great quality at prices suitable for even complete beginners.