Fretless Basses

The choice of the bass purist, make your low-end sing with the range of Fretless Bass Guitars at PMT. Renowned for their purring vibrato and use in a variety of genres, some of the smoothest bass players in history have been purveyors of the fretless bass. Find the perfect model for you with styles from Fender, Ibanez, Eastcoast and more.


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Break Free From Your Fretboard!

Enter the weird and wonderful world of the fretless bass and escape the confines of the low-end as you know it. Favoured by bass guitar heavyweights such as Jack Bruce and Jaco Pastorius, the unique sound of this instrument has become instantly recognisable for its gliding tone and impeccable groove. Despite the leftfield status of fretless guitars, their unparalleled versatility has seen them become a mainstay in the worlds of pop, rock, funk, and jazz.

Why go Fretless?

If the idea of removing your frets fills you with fear, you're not alone - but fretless bass guitars offer a completely distinctive sound and playing experience that every bassist should try. If the idea of a perfectly intonated, extra-responsive, and super-versatile bass sounds like something you'd be interested in, then try out a fretless model.