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Gifts for the Studio

The life of a music producer involves long, stress-filled days of spending sometimes 12 hours at a time sat in the recording studio. With that in mind, here are some gift suggestions for that special producer in your life, ranging from stocking-stuffers to serious pieces of kit that make ideal presents for prodcuers and music gifts.



On this page you'll find our mighty selection of headphones, mini synthesizers, novelties and more - all of which make fantastic gifts for producers. Ranging from Secret Santa appropriate gits to specialist items for the one you love, we have it all at Professional Music Technology and we're confident you'll find the perfect music gift.

Our Suggestions and Presents for Producers

Buying presents music producers is no easy task, everybody's taste varies and musicians are very picky with what gear they use, so it's always best to go for useful gifts which are universal to all producers. Below we will list a few of our suggestions including a range of headphones, synths and audio interfaces to name but a few options.


The most important factor when mixing a great track is making sure you have a great sound to work with. Here at PMT We have dozens of world leading studio headphones on offer which can be picked up at great prices - they make fantastic gifts for producers and those home studio enthusiasts.

We'd suggest Sennheiser, Beyerdymanic, AKG, Yamaha and the coveted KRK KNS headphones as great starting points with the KRK KNS 8400 Headphones being the industry standard choices.

Mini Synthesizer

Another great gift idea which music producers will love is a mini synthesizer. We have dozens of great options available from Roland, Akai and Korg but our top pick to look at has to be the Teenage Engineering range of pocket synthesizers. The gadget may be lost on non-producers but trust us, this is a ludicrously cool toy to play with, capable of making some mean synth beats for bigger projects.


If you're buying a gift for someone fresh into producing, a software bundle is a great option to look at Propellerhead Reason is an all-in-one studio software bundle and is sure to make a fantastic contribution to a young producer's development.

Recording Interfaces and Microphone Packs

Experienced studio producers are likely to own a host of impressive microphones to cater to any occasion. For somebody just getting into producing however, a microphone bundle or recording interface such as a Focusrite Scarlett would make a great Christmas or Birthday present.

Studio Accessories

Cables, speaker stands and wall hanger for instruments are excellent studio accessories to have and a sure fire gift to be appreciated. Be sure to check out our full range of accessories over at PMT Online.


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