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Founded in Vienna in 1947, AKG originally provided technical equipment for cinemas, such as loudspeakers, projectors and light meters. By 1953 the company had developed the now-legendary D12 microphone, - the world's first dynamic cardioid mic which launched them onto the international stage - and their legacy was firmly established.

Since then, AKG has continually developed groundbreaking audio equipment, and are renowned today for professional-grade microphones, headphones, wireless kits and more.

AKG’s catalogue features both long-time industry favourites such as the C414 and C451 as well as modern recreations of sought-after microphones such as the AKG D12VR and C12VR. There are also more affordable microphones that introduce the same revered AKG sound at an accessible price.

AKG’s extraordinary product catalogue doesn’t stop with microphones. With a history of building headphones steeped in innovation since 1959, AKG continues that innovation today with the K812's - the ultimate studio mixing headphones and the K361-BT's - popular consumer headphones with Bluetooth streaming.