Microphones are essential tools in any recording studio. There are three different types of microphones: DynamicCondenser and Ribbon. Any respectable recording studio will have many different mics of all kinds, but even if you're just setting up your home project studio, owning at least a couple of different mics will give you a better and more versatile setup. PMT Online stocks a wide range of great-quality mics to suit any budget and need.

The nuances created by your voice on the mic will be a sign of your individuality as a performer. A microphone, which works well for one type of vocalist, may sound inferior on another's. At a PMT High-Tech store, you can experiment with various mics to hear the way each mic responds to your voice.


Typically, a Dynamic Microphone such as the Shure SM58 is used for live vocals, as they offer exceptional feedback resistance, high output and are robust and stage-efficient. They can also be used in the studio, though most producers prefer condenser mics when recording vocals. Other uses in the studio include mic'ing guitar amps and drum kits. If you absolutely can only afford one mic, choosing a dynamic one might be your best choice, due to their reliability and versatility - even though they are not the best professional choice.


They are usually seen in recording studios as the main choice for recording vocals and acoustic guitars, but they can also be used for more sensitive sound sources, overheads for cymbals, choirs and orchestral instruments. Different types of condensers use technology such as vacuum tubes or solid-state. Tube mics are renowned for their warmth and expression and have become the favorite of studio producers world over for recording great vocals. Many solid-state mic's use FET technology, offering great sensitive and high outputs, handling the more aggressive vocals very well.


Ribbon Microphones can offer a richer and more expressive sound, and be a perfect choice for using in front of guitar amps or as a great alternative to condenser mics, for a bit more character.

Condensers and ribbons are frequently used in recording studios and are the first choice for tracking vocals and intricate instruments due to their clarity.


USB Microphones are a great option if you're recording on a budget on your laptop, PC or mobile device. No professional studio uses them, but the quality has improved over the past few years and products such as the new Shure Motiv Range offer an outstanding audio quality and make this type of mic perfect for podcasting, vloggers or singer-songwriters recording demos at home or on the go.

At PMT we know what it takes to record great vocals, and we offer a great choice of mics to suit any vocal type. Our featured brands included the excellent sE Electronics range, AKGShureNeumann and many others.


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  • What are the different types of microphone, and what are they used for?

    The main types of microphone are dynamic, condenser, and ribbon. Microphones come with different-sized diaphragms and might look wildly different from each other, but most fall into one of these categories. Mics can be used for a range of applications.
  • Which microphone is best for recording vocals?

    The best microphone for recording vocals will depend on a range of factors, but an extremely popular option is the Shure SM7B. This microphone was used most famously by Michael Jackson on Thriller.
  • Are microphones mono or stereo?

    Most microphones are mono, as they usually have one capsule. Some mics have multiple capsules and can be used to record in stereo. Likewise, two separate directional microphones can be used in order to create a stereo recording.
  • What is the best microphone?

    Perhaps the most popular microphone ever, the Shure SM57 is generally regarded as the best microphone in terms of performance-price ratio.