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The SE Sound

Founded in the turn of the Millenium by Siwei Zou, sE Electronics has rapidly grown into an internationally respected studio brand and, with a TEC Award for their V Series Microphones in their pocket, are now determined to conquer the stages around the globe too.

Used on countless recordings from world-renowned artists and home recording enthusiasts alike.

Whether you're recording Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Cabinets, Woodwinds or Piano, SE Electronics has the perfect mic to fit the bill.


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Condenser Microphones

sE Electronics condenser microphones are well loved by thousands of sound engineers, recording artists and amature musicians alike. Hand-built by their highly experienced and skilled engineers, they are able to produce crystal clear and dependable vocal performances. From the fan favourite sE2200 to the warm tones of the Gemini II microphones.

Ribbon Microphones

Being around since the early days of radio, the classic vintage sound you get from a high-quality ribbon microphone is hard to replicate on other microphones. sE Electronics have ironed out the kinks of this old technology to improve their high-frequency detail. From their high-spec and sought after RNR1 Rupert Neve mic, to the more simplified sE Electronics VR2 Active Ribbon Microphone. We have you covered here at PMT Online.


In order to get the best out of your new microphone, you will probably need to get some high quality accessories. The likes of clamps and mounting brackets are often left unsung heroes, but are usually vital to a comfortable recording experience. Including their highly regarded Reflexion filter.