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In ear monitors and in ear monitor systems are designed to make the lives of musicians a whole lot easier. The humble in ear monitor system may not be your first purchase when you start gigging or performing, but trust us when we say they'll bring a whole new level of professionalism and comfort to your performance.


In ear monitor systems are the best way for performers to hear themselves and their band, accompanying musicians and fellow performers clearly. They are also incredibly useful for theatre artists who need to be able to hear their cast members clearly onstage as well as any musical cues.

Fortunately, in ear monitor systems are widely available and accessible, suiting a wide range of applications and budgets. They are no longer reserved for professional musicians!

In fact, we stock a huge range of budget-friendly in-ear monitor systems all the way to professional level setups from the likes of ShureLD Systems, Sennheiser and more. If you're a beginner looking to get started with a set of in-ear monitors, a drummer looking for wireless in-ear monitor system or a theatre producer in need of a full wireless in ear monitor system, we've got you covered.


There are many key benefits to using in-ear monitors on stage, and in a rehearsal situation.

The main key benefit with in ear monitors comes down to the fact you can have a direct mix of your performance fed directly to your ears, without the need for a monitor speaker.

You also control the overall level of the mix directly via a belt pack, that sits on your belt, or guitar strap. If you're using a wireless microphone as well as in ear monitors, you can also move anywhere on stage and still hear everything you need to thanks to the fact the mix is being fed directly to your in-ears.

Thanks to the isolation that in ear monitors offer, in-ear monitor systems also help prevent noise-induced hearing loss, as you have complete control over the volume being fed to your ears. The isolation helps reduce unwanted background noise, so you can hear clearly, allowing you to turn the volume down to a safer level. This is far better for your ears than a loud stage.

There are many benefits to in-ear monitors for drummers as you can hear each and every instrument, regardless of how loud you play.

There are also many benefits to in-ear monitors for singers as you can hear your voice and the music correctly, rather than relying on a PA system or the ability of the sound engineer.


There are many in-ear monitor system options out there, but there are a few industry standard options that we would recommend, here at PMT. The Range of Shure in ear monitors are easily regarded as the best in the world, offering professional-level sound quality at all stages. We recommend the likes of the Shure PSM300 Wireless Personal Monitor System with SE215 Earphones which offer incredible isolation and reliable connection when you need it most.

If you're a beginner, or on a strict budget, the LD Systems MEI 100 G2 Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System ISM UK Version is also a very cheap alternative that doesn't suck, and highly recommended for those who gig infrequently or need something inexpensive for rehearsal.


We've got you covered here at PMT when you decide to make the jump to in-ear monitors. We have a full range of in ear monitors and in-ear monitor systems to suit musicians and performers of all levels. We have everything you need including, in-ear monitor systems for beginners, to pro-level set ups.

Whether you need wireless in-ear monitors for singers, in ear monitors for drummers or in-ear monitors for guitarists - we have what you need. We also stock a full range of Shure in ear monitors, Sennheiser in ear monitors, LD Systems in-ear monitor systems and many more options. We can also facilitate custom in-ear monitor systems too.

Unsure which system to buy? You can even check out our best in ear monitor systems for musicians blog and find out which 5 options we think are some of the best. Wondering how the frequencies work? Check out our guide to wireless systems and wireless frequencies here.

Speak to our experts at PMT about your complete wireless in ear monitor system and let us help you find the best in-ear monitors for your needs. Browse our range of In-Ear Monitors, Wireless in ear monitor systems Solutions and In-Ear Headphones at PMT Online.


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