Bass Multi-Effect Pedals

Designed for the player who's creativity knows no bounds, our selection of Multi-Effects Pedals for Bass will open up a world of innovation and experimentation for your low-end. Featuring a range of distortions, reverbs, modulation and more, shop our range of Bass Multi-Effects Pedals from industry-favourites such as BOSS, Zoom, Line 6 and more.


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Get More From Your Rig

Multi-Effects Pedals for Bass have never been too common - most bass players are perfectly content with a hint of compression on their tone, and perhaps a little bit of a drive sound for kicking in during the choruses. For those who want more though, a multi-effects pedal is the best place to get it. Our range of multi-FX pedals offer the sort of effects you need to make some truly mind-bending noise - as well as the usual favourites you can expect to see on a usual bass rig.

Lighten Your Load

Sick of carrying around a bag full of various different stompboxes to each and every gig you play? A Bass Multi-FX unit could be the answer. With modern digital effects now better than ever at replicating your favourite stompbox tones, many professional guitarists and highly-experienced musicians are turning to these innovative units to streamline their rig. Try one out in-store at your local PMT today!