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PA Speakers are usually one of the most important components of your live sound setup. You need to choose one that delivers all the power you need, but without distorting the audio. You also need to think about the size of your venue - there's no point getting a massive pair of PA speakers to fit a tiny room. Thankfully, PMT Online stocks a great variety of PA Speakers to suit all needs and budgets! There are two main types of PA speakers: Active (Powered) and Passive (unpowered). Choosing the right one is the first step in setting up a great PA system!


For smaller venues such as small pubs, cafes or art galleries, for instance, or if you're a DJ doing BIrthday parties, weddings etc., choosing a pair of Active PA Speakers is the best choice. This simplifies your setup, because you won't need a pre-amplifier.

Passive PA Speakers are the usual choice for bigger venues, or if you want a more complex setup, because they are modular.


If your budget and venue size permit it, adding a PA Subwoofer to your setup is a great idea. It'll allow your PA speakers to sound better because they won't have to handle the low frequencies. A professional setup will include passive PA speakers with matching subwoofers.


When choosing a good stage monitor speaker, you can choose between Active and Passive. An Active monitor will provide the most convenient, plug-and-go functionality from your mixing desk. As mentioned above, you'll need a dedicated power amplifier to use a Passive speaker, which can also be daisy-chained like an Active System. You'll want to consider the frequency response of the speaker and what instrument(s) you'll be running through it. Perhaps consider a 12" or 15" wedge if monitoring bass or drum kits. Most trapezoidal cabinets can be slanted or angled for front of stage monitoring.


If you're not sure what to get, speak to one of our PA and Live Sound experts on 0151 448 2089, or visit your local PMT Store, where you'll find a huge selection of PA gear and our Live Sound experts will be able to help you.

We stock all the best PA speaker brands including BoseJBLAlto ProfessionalWharfedaleMackie & many others!


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