Creators of all things audio, whether you record, play music or put on gigs they've got gear that delivers a lot of bang for buck. There's no compromising on features either with VLZ mixers using studio grade preamps and their DL digital mixers offering wireless mixing for concerts.

The SRM and Thump PA speakers that are among their most popular lines, a professional sound, compact size and affordable price making them ideal for a huge range of venues, from pubs to theatres. More recently the Freeplay has brought all these aspects together for a truly portable Stereo PA Speaker that can be controlled by your phone.

When it comes to the studio the HR monitors and Mackie consoles have long been a big favourite with British dance producers, deep bass, crisp sound and tank tough build quality. When it comes to loudspeakers, USB interfaces, PA systems or Mixers, it's difficult to go wrong with Mackie. Be sure to check out the new Axis and ProDX range today at PMT House of Rock!


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