4-String Bass Guitars

The foundation of all bass guitar design, the 4-string bass has shaped the sound of popular music since Leo Fender introduced the Fender 'P' Precison model in 1951. With a remarkable range of electric, acoustic, fretless, and left-handed models, find your groove at PMT with 4-string bass guitars from Fender, Eastcoast, Music Man and more.


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Finger, Thumb, Pick

Bass guitars can be played in a variety of ways. Some people prefer to run their fingers, others like to slap and pop, and using a plectrum is always an option too. Each way of playing bass produces a different tone, so watch your favourite bass players to figure out how they tend to play. The best bass players in the world will decide how to play based on what sounds best for certain songs, so practice in a variety of different ways to make yourself the best musician you can be!

More Strings?

Whilst extended-range bass guitars are certainly becoming more common, the versatility and playability of 4-string models have seen them rule the world of popular music for over half a century. The 4-string bass can be heard on countless iconic recordings from the earliest days of pop and rock music to modern day chart-topping hits in hip-hop and alternative genres. Extended Range instruments, whilst useful, are much harder to learn to play due to their increased size and neck radius, so they aren't always suitable for beginner players. At PMT, we think that every bassist should have a humble 4-string as part of their collection.