Gibson guitars, an epitome of musical heritage, offer unparalleled craftsmanship and tone. With a legacy spanning over a century, Gibson creates instruments that fuse tradition with innovation seamlessly. Crafted to perfection, their guitars feature premium materials and iconic designs, captivating players across genres.

Renowned for their rich, resonant sound and legendary playability, Gibson guitars embody musical passion and authenticity. Elevate your playing with a Gibson guitar – a symbol of quality and sonic excellence, resonating with both seasoned professionals and aspiring musicians seeking the ultimate in guitar craftsmanship and performance.


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Gibson guitars, a pinnacle of musical heritage, encompass an array of iconic models that define generations.

The Les Paul, for instance, is cherished for its versatile tones and elegant design, remains a cornerstone of rock and blues, whilst the SG, with its slim body and biting sound, has adorned stages of diverse genres. For blues and jazz, the ES series offers hollow-body warmth and resonance. On the bass front, the Thunderbird's distinctive shape and powerful pickups provide a solid foundation for rock and metal. The EB Bass caters to various players with its comfortable playability.

Each Gibson guitar and bass is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and rich, resonant sound, epitomizing the spirit of music across eras. Elevate your musical journey with a Gibson – a symbol of quality and sonic excellence that continues to shape the landscape of iconic instruments.


  • How good are Gibson guitars?

    Gibson guitars are expertly-designed and crafted to the highest quality with the best materials available. They're used by professionals worldwide due to their stunning sound and feel.
  • Are Gibson guitars worth the money?

    Gibson guitars are priced to reflect their quality. If you desire an instrument that is built with the best available materials by experienced builders and then fitted with top-class components - then they are worth the money.
  • Who plays Gibson guitars?

    Gibson guitars have been the first-choice axe for some legendary musicians including BB King, Jimmy Page, Slash, Jeff Beck, and Chuck Berry.
  • When was Gibson founded?

    Gibson was founded on 10th October 1902 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.