Jazz Basses

Often imitated, the Jazz Bass is one of the most celebrated instruments in the history of popular music. The axe of choice for stars such as Jaco Pistorius, Geddy Lee, and John Paul Jones, countless musicians have fallen in love with the slim neck taper and warm, versatile tones. Our Jazz Bass collection at PMT includes high-end Fender models and budget-friendly Squier versions, so you're certain to find the perfect Jazz Bass for you!


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High-Speed Neck

The slim neck on the Jazz Bass was originally designed to make fast solo runs on it as easy as possible - a common feature in the genre from which it takes its name. In the years since its release in 1960, the design has found fans in rock, metal, blues, and funk too - so you can be sure to dial in a perfect sound no matter what you play. Check out the fretless models for an even faster neck than you thought possible!

Extended Range

Need some extra-low frequencies to flesh out your live jazz trio performances? The Jazz Bass is available in a range of 5-string models from Fender and Squier, so no matter your budget you can take advantage of an extra string and all of the sonic possibilities that brings.