6-String Bass Guitars

If the standard 4-string bass guitar is no longer fit for your needs, and even a 5-string seems a little too light - enter the 6-string bass guitar. Reserved for the most left-field of players, this extended range instrument is just as suited to chugging away with djent bands as it is to taking centre stage for a jazz solo. Discover a new world of bass-playing possibilities with a 6-string Bass Guitar today!


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6-string bass guitars are usually tuned to BEADGC. This tuning utilises a standard 4-string bass tuning with an additional low B string and a high C string, making it an extremely versatile instrument. Many extended range instruments are suitable for further drop-tuning and open-tunings, too - perfect for people who like to experiment and find new intervals or chord shapes. Extended range bass guitars usually come with active pickups to accomodate for the wide array of frequencies available to play, ensuring an even tone all the way across the neck - even when tuning down further!

Hybrid Models

The Fender Bass VI model is a bass/guitar hybrid that is always sure to turn heads. Tuned to an octave below a standard guitar, the Bass VI utilises a short-scale construction and unique string-spacing for an unmistakeable tone that has been used by Jack Bruce of Cream, and even on certain recordings by The Beatles. Robert Smith of The Cure helped to popularise the instrument once again in the 1980's, and nowadays there are models produced by Squier so that no matter your budget you can try out this special hybrid guitar.