Bass Overdrive, Preamp & Distortion

Need a little extra grit to make your bass tone stand out from the rest? Our range of Bass Overdrive, Preamp & Distortion Pedals can offer anything from a transparent boost to a ferociously-heavy distortion. For the best in fuzzed-up bass sounds, shop our range of stompbox units from BOSS, MXR, Aguilar, Ampeg and more.


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Bass Preamps

Bass preamps are a must for all modern gigging bass players. Enclosed within a single pedalboard-friendly unit, a good preamp allows you to control your bass tone entirely from the pedal. This means that if you have to share a bass rig at a show you can still retain total control over how your instrument sounds. They also often feature a Simulated, Direct, or Line Out for bypassing an amplifier entirely - meaning that you can run straight into a PA System or an Audio Interface for recording in the studio.

Bass Fuzz

Nothing quite comes close to the sound of a good fuzz bass tone. Used across a wide variety of genres and styles, the bass fuzz is perfect for adding dynamic elements to a song whilst retaining the unique voice of your playing. The best fuzzes still allow for the warmth of your bass to shine through and keep the groove going, but you can experiment and combine them with other pedals to find some truly otherworldly sounds.