Audio Interfaces

Audio Interfaces are an essential tool for anyone making music on their laptop, PC, Mac, or mobile devices, because they're responsible for getting sound in and out of your computer. Your choice of interface will make the difference between great-quality recordings and average results.

Luckily, PMT Online offers a wide selection of USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, PCI, and Mobile & iPad audio interfaces, from the most-popular brands on the market.


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Popular Brands

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  • Trumix
  • Universal Audio
  • Focusrite
  • Audient
  • M-Audio
  • Roland
  • Presonus

USB Audio Interfaces

USB Audio Interfaces are the most popular interfaces, perfect for PC and laptop users, as most will already have an available, free USB port. USB Audio Interfaces can be cheaper than the other types of audio interfaces too while offering incredible versatility, connectivity, and the ability to record anywhere you like with a laptop or PC. We stock a huge range of USB audio interfaces from the worlds leading brands such as the Universal Audio Apollo and Universal Audio Arrow interfaces, Focusrite Scarlett and Focusrite Clarett audio interfaces as well as the likes of the Arturia AudioFuse USB audio interfaces which all offer exceptional value for money, extremely professional sound quality and of course USB connectivity. Call into your local PMT store to speak to our studio and production experts about your ideal USB audio interface – we can help you get the sound you need based on your budget, bespoke recording needs, and your set-up.

Firewire Interfaces

Firewire interfaces work differently than USB - they stream data and are faster, which means lower latency. But most computers don't have Firewire ports, which mean you may need to upgrade your hardware before buying a Firewire interface.

Thunderbolt Interfaces

These are the best and most professional interfaces - ultra-fast, allowing for quick data transfer and much lower latency than any USB or Firewire interface. They are also much more expensive, so not the best choice for someone just setting up a project studio - but ideal for pro recording environments.

Mobile, Tablet, IOS Interfaces

If you plan to record directly to your iPad or iPhone, for instance, then these are the best options, allowing for portable and affordable recording.

PCI Interfaces

This is the old standard and not as popular, as involves having to install a new PCI card on your PC. Some might come with analogue inputs, but often not - you'll need a breakout box, as well as preamps for your mics etc. Not the most practical choice then, but some people still prefer them due to the faster transfer speed allowed by the PCI technology.

Choosing The Best Audio Interface For Your Needs

When choosing your audio interface, you will need to give consideration to many different things including the required number of inputs and outputs, mic preamps, and features such as MIDI in and out. With such a wide selection available, choosing the right one can prove difficult, and understanding what features and specs you need can be a daunting prospect. But at the PMT music tech shops, our product experts are on hand to take the confusion out of this situation and, by working with you, they will help to determine the correct audio interface for you!

Audio Interface FAQs

  • Why do I need an audio interface?

    An audio interface allows you to record and use audio that is of a high-quality for music production or podcasting. Most soundcards do not feature a soundcard capable of handling the audio necessary for recording music.
  • What audio interface is best for beginners?

    Some good beginner audio interfaces are manufactured by Focusrite, PreSonus, and M-Audio.
  • Can I use an audio interface as a sound card?

    Yes, an audio interface will act as an external soundcard when it is connected to a computer.
  • How do I connect an audio interface to my speakers?

    Connect the outputs of your interface to the monitors. The most commonly used cables are 1/4 inch TRS to TRS and TRS to XLR. The signal is at line level.
  • What is the difference between usb, thunderbolt and firewire audio interfaces?

    These are different types of connectivity. Check which is used on your computer or laptop before buying an interface.
  • Do I need a preamp with an audio interface?

    Some interfaces already have a built-in pre-amp. They are not necessary but can allow for more flexibility when recording.