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PA Systems (short for "Public Address Systems") means any combination of PA speakers, mixer and amplifier that is used for any Live Sound purpose such as live music, public speech, open mics and DJ sets, for instance. They can be divided in two main groups: PA Packages or Portable PA Systems. PMT Online stocks a wide range of both types, which you can order online or purchase from one of our PMT Stores around the UK.


It's pretty obvious that venues dedicated to live music will have their own PA system, but they are far from being the only ones that can benefit from having a public address system. Most restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes may have some sort of sound system installed, but that's just for playing ambient music, or maybe rigged to TV screens for when showing sports.

However, in recent years, it seems that being more multi-purpose is a great idea for any venue that wants to bring in more footfall, and having a decent PA System is crucial. For instance, a pub with a PA system can run their own bingo, comedy or open mic nights to attract more clients, or even hire one of their rooms for small live music events!

Community groups and associations may find using their own PA instead of hiring will save them money in the long run, even if they don't use it regularly but on a few occasions during the year.

Hotels and other venues that can be hired for events such as weddings can also add value to their space if they can say PA is included in their hiring package.

And solo performers who want the freedom to be able to play anywhere may find it useful to own their own PA.


They are ideal for a bigger, louder and more professional setup. Choose them if you think the PA will be a permanent fixture of your venue, which won't need to be moved around. Good if you got a room and a stage big enough for bands, for instance.

Packages will usually come not only with the PA speakers and mixer/amplifier but also with stands and cables, making setting it up fairly easy and straight forward.


Portable PA systems are suitable for solo performers who need to carry their own PA, buskers, bands who own a rehearsal space, or smaller venues who don't need a dedicated, big PA system, such as a cafe or bar that does open mics once a week, for instance, or even smaller churches.

Unlike PA Packages, many portable PA systems will also work on batteries, which enables them to be used anywhere, on the go. Some of them also feature wireless Bluetooth.


If you already own a PA system and need to replace or upgrade one of its main components - the power amplifier, of course - then PMT Online also offers a great selection of those!

Here at PMT, we are passionate about live sound and we stock all the best PA system brands, including BoseLD SystemsRCFLaneyYamahaAlto ProfessionalMackie & many more!


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