Born in the British midlands, home of heavy metal. Indeed Tony Iommi was one of Laney's very first customers and they still make some of the meanest high gain amps today. In the present day, they've created the highly regarded Ironheart series, for recording saturated tones with real valves without stacks of cabs and a big studio.

Creating more classic amps inspired by great British tones of the '60s with the VC and Lionheart series, Laney aims to deliver entry-level portable options for performances at clubs and pubs.


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  • Are Laney Amps any good?

    Though Laney tailors to both affordable and more higher priced budgets, Laney Amplifiers provide a versatile and premium tonality that shines in both distorted and clean tones.
  • Who Uses Laney Amps?

    Over the years, Laney amps have had their fair share of popular players use their gear, such as Randy Rhoads, Tony Iommi, Ace Frehley and many more.