8-String Guitars

An increasingly popular choice for guitarists seeking to innovate and break new ground, 8-string electric guitars open up an entire new world of alternate tunings and chords. Renowned for their use by djent and progressive metal musicians, check out the other Extended Range instruments at PMT for more Earth-shattering tones.


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8-String electric guitars are tuned to standard with a low F# and B in addition to the EADGBE you would find on a 6-string electric guitar. The longer scale lengths commonly found on these instruments mean that they are well-suited for drop-tuning, and with modern variations such as fanned frets (or multiple-scale fretboards), guitarists can enjoy slinky solo bending without worrying about losing tension or intonation on their chugging bass strings. Check out this baritone-scale ESP LTD H-1008 which is designed to be dropped to new lows!


Due to the increased frequency range covered by 8-string guitars, active pickups are often used in order to ensure a balanced sound across the entire range of notes playable on the instrument. Active pickups are especially useful in heavier genres where the gain is turned up high too, so it often makes sense for these instruments to use them. Passive pickups will still give a warm and fat tone that many people still prefer however, so try out both and see which you like best.