Bass Guitars for Beginners

Finding a bass guitar for a beginner can be a confusing task, but at PMT we understand how vital it is to start off on the right foot. We've compiled a range of instruments that are perfect for those just getting started, and even put together this handy Bass Guitar Buying Guide so that you can be sure you've found the perfect axe. Check out our Starter Packs for bundles which include everything you need to plug-in-and-play, and speak to our Experts if you're still struggling to find your groove.


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What Do I Need?

If you're just starting out learning to play bass, then you'll probably need some extra bits before you're fully ready to start laying down some funk. Amplifiers are a necessity if you're planning on selecting an electric bass, and you'll also need a cable to link everything up. Our Starter Packs come complete with accessories such as a strap and a gig bag so you're ready to take your gear out to rehearsals, ideal for those looking to form a band and play with other people!

Every Style and Genre

When learning a new instrument it's important to pick something out that will inspire you to keep making progress. Your first bass should be a design that you love - perhaps a shape that one of your favourite musicians also uses, or something versatile so you can try a range of styles out. Our selection at PMT features iconic designs at entry-level prices, so whether you're a nu-metal newbie or an apprentice art-rocker, we've got the bass for you.

For Kids

Children can find it hard to play full-size instruments - bass guitars often feature long necks and a heavy body, not at all suited for those trying to learn to play. At PMT we stock a range of 3/4-size and mini bass guitars that are perfect for those with smaller hands, allowing for the same playability and sound that you'd get from a traditional bass.