Capos & Slides

Change up the key and make your guitar sing the blues with our range of capos and slides at PMT. Perfect for electric and acoustic players alike, these handy tools make performing and composing a breeze.


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Guitar capos

A guitar capo quickly and easily changes the key of your guitar. When you pop one on, it temporarily shortens your strings, raising the pitch. You can use capos on both acoustic and electric guitars. They essentially move the nut higher up the fretboard, allowing you to play first-position open chords anywhere along the neck. 

Guitar slides

One of the most distinctive sounds on the instrument, slide guitar is often associated with the blues. Guitar slides can be used for lots of different styles though, as well as on both electric and acoustic guitars. A smooth tool that’s usually made of glass, metal or ceramic, you can get a distinctive glissando or vibrato sound when you learn how to play slide guitar

Huge choice

No matter what sound you’re going for or which finger you’re going to use, we have lots of different guitar slides for you to choose between. You can also find a guitar capo that fits the bill among our selection of triggered, curved and partial capos. From Dunlop and D’Addario to G7th and Kyser, browse our selection of capos and slides to take your tone to the next level. 

Guitar capos & slides – FAQs

  • What does a capo do on a guitar?

    A capo shortens the strings on your guitar, which raises the pitch. This allows you to change the key you’re playing in instantly, and to play open chords anywhere along the fretboard.
  • Does any capo work for any guitar?

    Most capos usually work on most guitars, including electric and acoustic guitars. However, some capos may not fit guitars with particularly wide necks, like some classical guitars, especially as you move higher up the fretboard.
  • Is it easier to play with a capo?

    It’s easier to change key using a capo. This can be especially useful if you’re a beginner, as you can use the most common chord shapes you learn first in a range of keys. Capos don’t necessarily make guitars easier to play, but they lower string height.
  • Should beginners use a capo?

    If you’re a beginner, capos can be a great way to experiment with changing the key on your guitar. Especially if you love to sing along when you’re playing, as you can quickly and easily find a key that may be more suitable for your voice.
  • What is a slide on a guitar?

    A slide is a smooth tool that goes on one of your fingers and gives you a distinctive glissando or vibrato sound. They’re usually made from metal, glass or ceramic and are associated with blues music. You can use slides on electric or acoustic guitars.
  • Is it hard to use a guitar slide?

    Playing slide guitar isn’t necessarily as hard as it might seem, even if you’re a beginner. It can take some getting used to, but with practice it shouldn’t take too long before you get some nice slide sounds going. Like with anything though, mastering sl