Tanglewood Guitars were formed in London, England back in 1988 and ever since they have continued to impress with their incredible range of products, most noticeably Tanglewood acoustic guitar, electro-acoustic guitars and their acoustic amps.

The main aim for Tanglewood Guitars was to produce a wide portfolio of instruments that offer incredible value for money, providing great design features that you would find on both traditional and modern instruments but normally at much higher prices.

Superb Instruments For A Great Price!

Not just content with providing incredible acoustic guitars, Tanglewood are also well known for their Rebel Basses and Cove Creek Banjos – applying their same dedication to quality and great worth ethic as they do with their celebrated acoustic guitars.

A Wide Range To Choose From

One of the more popular lines from Tanglewood Guitars is their Winterleaf range which provides great quality instruments in the form of both acoustic guitars and electro-acoustic guitars.

The Evolution Exotic range delivers incredibly made electro-acoustic with bodies made from exotic woods. This line includes the TVC X MP which is made from Maple, the TVC X PW crafted from Pacific Walnut, the TW28 CE X OV made from Ovangkol, the TSF CE X B which uses Bubinga and the TSF CE X KOA which has been crafted using Koa.

Another favourite from Tanglewood is the Discovery Series – these are an excellent range of guitars for beginners and intermediate players alike; offering incredible quality at a really attractive price point, making them a great way to get started learning guitar.

Vintage Inspired

Tanglewood Crossroads guitars are also extremely popular. Paying homage to the style and sound of classic guitars from 1930s America, the Crossroads series from Tanglewood brings incredible and unique experiences to guitar playing.

With the Great Depression gripping America, the 30s were a hard time for many. The silver lining of these hardships is that it inspired some of the most influential musicians in history and gave birth to the sound we know as the blues.

Guitars of this time weren’t fancy, didn’t have expensive lacquers; they were no-frills and straightforwardly functional.

As money was short, these guitars were a significant purchase and as such they had to be well constructed, ensuring they would last a long time and they were often passed down through family generations.

Tanglewood Crossroads guitars have been made in this same spirit and are a great tribute to this time and style. Highlights from this range include the TWCR O, the TWCR P and the TWCR SFCE – an orchestra guitar, a parlour guitar and a Super Folk Cutaway, respectively.

Building Upon A Legacy

Tanglewood Guitars are winners of the Music Industry Award for the UK’s All-Time Best Selling Acoustic Guitars, and that’s for good reason.

With a wide range of acoustic guitar styles, you are not short of options when finding the instrument for you and you can trust Tanglewood Guitars will deliver a fantastic quality product.


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Tanglewood FAQs

  • Where are Tanglewood guitars made?

    Tanglewood guitars are designed in the United Kingdom and manufactured in China.
  • Are Tanglewood guitars good?

    Tanglewood guitars are consistently high-quality instruments that are suitable for players of all skill levels.