Ear Plugs

Here at PMT, we stock a huge range of purpose built musicians earplugs and ear protection, designed to reduce the risk of noise induced hearing loss from excessive sound levels. We offer a full range of professional level hearing protection and musicians earplugs from brands such as Alpine, ProGuard, Vic Firth and many more to ensure you can protect your hearing and reduce the risk of developing noise induce hearing loss or tinnitus.

Your hearing is important, so make sure you protect it with a set of reusable earplugs that have been designed specifically for musicians and music lovers alike.


According to Action On Hearing Loss, continued exposure to sounds over 80dB(A) can damage your hearing, and noise levels more than 85 decibels, or dB(A) – can cause permanent hearing loss, tinnitus or both.

To put this into perspective, your vacuum cleaner or average radio volume ranks at around 75dB, with heavy traffic and a noisy restaurant clocking in at anywhere between 80-89dB which can be dangerous if you are exposed to it for a period longer than 4-8 hours.

Shockingly, a football game, rock concert/festival or loud symphony orchestra averages out at 120-129 decibels which can potentially cause hearing damage if you are exposed to it over an extended period of time. If you’re a musician on stage every night, you play drums or you enjoy going to gigs, you could be damaging your hearing without even knowing it as gigs and rehearsals will easily reach these levels. That ringing in your ears after a gig, known as tinnitus, usually disappears within 24 hours, but exposure to loud music over an extended period of time could potentially lead to permanent damage and constant ringing in the ears. So, we strongly recommend choosing ear protection and musicians earplugs to combat and reduce the risk of permanent hearing loss. 


As musicians we often forget just how loud we can play our instruments or listen to music. Those of us who enjoy going to gigs, whether the occasional show or the regular festival goer also risk suffering from noise induced hearing loss each time we step foot in a venue, whether indoors or outdoors.

However, long gone are the days where ear protection destroyed the “vibe” and feel of a gig or live show.


Hearing protection such as the Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs have been specifically designed with interchangeable attenuators which allow you to filter out all the harmful frequencies but still allow you to hear the band, the instrument you’re playing or the chants of your favourite football team’s home crowd without killing the mood. This means you hear everything you’re supposed to in crystal clear clarity and reduce the risk of noise induced hearing loss significantly – no more tinnitus after those gigs or rehearsal sessions.

In addition to our range of off the shelf musicians earplugs and ear protection, we also offer a range of custom fit musicians earplugs ideal for DJ’s, live musicians, technicians and more from ProGuard. These ProGuard customised personal earplugs allow you to take a mould of your ear shape and enjoy the perfect fit every time – ideal for professional musicians and frequent gig and club goers in need of a reliable set of concert earplugs.

Shop a full range of professional level musicians earplugs, ear protection at PMT Online and make sure you get the best ear plugs for your needs. Alternatively, call in to any of our local PMT stores across the country for expert advice on the best hearing protection based on your needs.